My Ideal Birth

As part of my doula certification process through DONA, I took a three day birth doula training. It was an amazing three days filled with wonderful birth stories, and I basked in all the beautiful and unique stories of how they brought their babies into this world. I could not contribute myself, however, we were given a homework assignment on one of the days. It was a blank piece of paper, and all we had to do was draw our ideal birth, in any way we wanted.

I have thought about what I’ve wanted but I’ve never put in down on paper. The thought of having to share this scared me a little, because I couldn’t draw and a lot of these women had a previous experience of child birth that I did not have. This is my ideal birth:

My Ideal Birth.jpg

I went with an abstract drawing with words to help convey what I wanted. As soon as I heard about water births, I knew that was for me. I’ve always loved the water. It always relaxes me even if it’s the beach, pool, or just a simple shower/bath. I have the blue to represent the water. The orange represents warmth and dim lights. I have a sensitivity to light (especially sunlight). I always use a lamp as the main source of light in the house. I find it less harsh and really cozy. I would want dim lights and to be surrounded by fragrant candles.

I drew two hearts. The top heart represents my growing baby and the bottom represents my journey of labor. I filled them with words of motivation and how I want to see them as during pregnancy and labor. I would also use these words throughout pregnancy to help me connect with baby and my body. Ultimately it is my body and my baby working together and I want them both to know they are loved, taken care of, and appreciated.

Overall I want an unmediated, home, water birth with a midwife and doula. My partner will be there and be the most involved with comfort measures and positions. My best friend, who I call my sister, will also be there to give me encouragements. And she is a nurse, so just having her there would help relax me. Not that I wouldn’t trust my midwife, it’s comforting to have extra set of “medical” eyes on me and the baby. I’m so grateful for the knowledge and experiences I have now that helped me get to this view point on labor and birth. My birth plan continues to grow with each new experience or knowledge obtained, and I’m sure more will be added or changed before I actually give birth. But what will stay consistent is that I want to be supported, loved for, and understood.