What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained professional that can provide emotional, physical, and educational support prenatally, during labor, and postpartum. A doula is a birth companion or birth coach that provides continuous support throughout labor. A doula does not replace the birth partner, but assist the parents in any way that is needed. They are not medical professionals and can not make decisions on the parent’s behalf, but they can help them advocate for themselves to give informed consent.  

The benefits of having a birth doula include: reduced chances of an induction, use of forceps + vacuum, and c-section.  Baby’s Apgar scores are better and parents report a higher overall satisfaction of their birth experience.


It is my mission to provide provide families with continuous labor support, empowering them to bring life into this world.  To help them advocate for their needs so they achieve their ideal birth. I believe that every family deserves to have the birth experience they desire.  I empower laboring woman and their partners with education, comfort, emotional, and physical support.